Saturday, June 15

How to set up VPN in Windows7

How to set up VPN in Windows7 :

From Windows 7 Desktop, click Start - Control Panel to open the control panel;
Click Network and Internet, click Network and Sharing Center;
Click Set up a new connection or network, then Connect to a workplace;
Select option No, create a new cnonection, then Use my Internet connection (VPN);
In the Internet Address text box, enter just like in the table downhere.
in Next window, use freevpnaccess as User name field, and use 2821 in the Password field, then click "Connect" button to start the free VPN connection.

if you get an error go here and see if the user and/or the password has changed, then change it.

Enjoy !

LocationVPN ServerProtocolUsernamePassword
US - Chicago67.212.175.123PPTPfreevpnaccess.com2821
UK - London83.170.84.216PPTPfreevpnaccess.com2568
Canada - Montreal184.107.164.10PPTPfreevpnaccess.com1178
NL - Haarlem212.7.192.139PPTPfreevpnaccess.com1346
US - Miami69.60.121.29PPTPfreevpnaccess.com3826
UK - Maidenhead94.76.233.203PPTPfreevpnaccess.com6630

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