Saturday, January 4

Facebook Hacker v6.2 - Hack facebook password 2014 free

Facebook Hacker v6.2 - Hack facebook password 2014 free

Another trick of dump people, they still think everybody will believe and try it.
This is a scam, fraudulent or you can call it whatever you want, you can check the website, or read this article before visiting it, because :

I downloaded, when i launched the program the antivirus detects immediately a threat, this is not real, it's fake, it's a program developed with java (real interface, buttons, texts...but nothing works believe me), it does not work, it just infect your computer with viruses, to get information from you, from your browser cookies, to steal your Facebook and all email accounts passwords that are saved in the browsers, be careful.

The main weapon of this kind of programs, is attraction, most of us when we see a nice program which looks like a hacker program, with a black & green background, some attractive words like exploiter, victim's email, mail extractor, freezer, unlocker, hacker, cracker.... we think or we say "wow that's exactly what i need, i'm going to hack all my girlfriend's accounts or my friends....", i'm sorry to disappoint you, the truth is that "There is no way, i mean no program exists that can do such things", so do not use it, this is an advice hardly recommended.
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This is what's written in the home page of the website just to convince you that'll work, that they are a team, and worked for two years to achieve that program,bla bla bla.... bullshit.

Get this fast because this will get patched.

New link for Facebook Hacking Accout 2015

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  1. i leave on purpose these fool people, they put their stupid facebook hacking method, as explained in the article above, they're just hacking you, not more.

  2. almost all facebook hacker contains SPYWARE see it by yourself ^_^

  3. nothing!!!! all these are nothing!!!!
    2weeks now i try to download a serius programme for hacking but nothing!!

    codes, codes, codes....everywhere for nothing..

    you put the .exe files in winzip and after unizipped they didnt work they didnt have the same value as .exe files.... the became tmp files ...... just lost time!